Justin Villamor


About Me

Hello! I am Justin Villamor. I am a programmer with an interest in the IT industry. This website is to show my projects I've made since high school. I've been programming since middle school and have found myself to be efficient in C#,C++, and Java. I mainly use C# since I find it efficient for game development. However, I do still find C++ and Java to be among my favorites. I began my programming journey at around twelve years old, when a friend of mine asked if I could make mods for the game Minecraft. After researching how to do so, I eventually discovered Java since its the language Minecraft is built in. But before discovering Java and programming, I was actually making servers for my friends, which is what started my passion for IT and software development. This is a hobby that I still carry over to this day. From making Minecraft servers to making my own games has been a very fun and rewarding journey with no end of road in sight.